Thursday, July 23, 2009

triggers: The Deadfall Series (part 5)

This trap is a very large scale dead fall. The animal hits the branch with the bait on it and as it turns log it is attached to the log releases from the notch and the large dead fall weight log is released. I side notch will probably be need for large scale traps to make fitting of the log holding the dead fall safe and much easier. This trap, when done on the large scale, is extremely dangers and is only for the most experienced of survivalist in the most dire of situations.

Triggers: The Deadfall Series (part 3)--The PAIUTE DEAD FALL

This is a great trap. It falls fast. Like other dead falls, it can be converted to a live trap by changing the weight from a rock/log to a basket or other container. This makes it ideal for keeping food fresh by keeping it alive, or keeping it alive to breed (for those long term strandings).

Most of this trap is apparent from the illustration; however, one part is not. When setting this trap up you wrap stick 4 (green) around stick 1 (blue). When stick 4 is wrapped around stick 1, it should feel like the string and stick 4 want to fly around stick 1. Brace stick 4 with stick 6 (red), agaist the fall weight (rock/basket), so that it holds stick 4 from swinging around stick--oh and don't forget to put the bait on stick 6.

Have fun experimenting, and watch your hands!

Triggers: The deadfall series (part 2):The Figure 4

This is one of my favorite traps because its elegance and its versatility of function. The figure four is an easy cary (without the rock) and is easily set up. A very important feature of the figure 4 is that it can be used as a live trap. To make it a live trap, simply make the rock a basket, box or other container that is large enough to capture an animal. This makes it ideal for long term survival because it allows the survivalist to turn wild animals into farm animals, both preserving food and possibly allowing for breading. Also, and probably most importantly this trap, or variation thereof, can be made without tools.

Have fun and watch those hands

Triggers: The deadfall series

This trigger is best for small traps, say ones in trees, and is extremely easy to carry. Also it is easy to cary and it is great for live traps.

In addition to the videos on this page, I will be posting illustrations on specific trap triggers, triggers for trip wires for man traps man and animal traps. I plan on putting significant work into these pages, but I need to see ad clicks, as they are a source of income for me.

If any one is interested in triggers for survival traps, please write some comments on the videos and a check out several of my adds. If this happens I will posts new triggers in the weeks to come, and I am also thinking about a series of post on pit traps.